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What are we doing wrong

Is it possible that, as gun owners, we are not standing up for all our gun rights and instead are just willing to stand up for the ones that individually, directly affect each one of us.

Example: I don't even own an AR style rifle. You know, the 'demonic' black rifles labeled by the anti's as 'assault' rifles. Yea, the ones made for killing only.

But just because I don't own one and banning them would not directly affect me in any way, do I still speak up and wright/call my Rep. about the proposed ban on these rifles? Yep!

I was standing at the counter at a local LGS about three weeks ago and there was a discussion going on between a customer and a salesperson. The customer was in the market for a new varmint/predator rifle. He was checking out a bolt action rifle when I walked up.

The salesperson pulled an AR off the rack(that was marked up at a humorous price) and says to the customer, " a lot of guys are using AR's for varmints these days, shoulder this one and see what you think. If you don't have one you ought to buy one before the ban".
The customer replied, "I don't like those kind of guns and could care less if they ban them".

Some may only own one or two handguns. Those pistols may only hold a capacity of under ten rounds. So a magazine ban wouldn't directly affect them. Are they opposed to a higher count magazine ban or could they care less since it doesn't directly affect them?

When it comes to our rights as gun owners, we need to get out of our own little world and realize that just cause I don't own an AR, there are those that do, should have the right to do so and we should ban together to insure the AR owners their rights. Same with other proposed bans that may not directly affect us as an individuals.
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