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Re: s&w warranty isn't bullet proof

Originally Posted by wild cat mccane View Post
What I am confused about is why people are taking the side of a producer?

The OP didn't come in with an attitude. Assuming the bullets are factory, consumers should back other consumers-producers only get away with bad products when they aren't called on it. Why are other consumers immediately jumping to the producers side?

The producers test is evidence? ha. Right. How many times have I had to push a dealership to fix a car under warranty that they first balk at? Many. Please.
Because the evidence provided by the OP is clear.

1. The ammo he used has mixed headstamps in the box leading on to believe it is not factory ammo.

2. If the ammo was factory (it is most likely not) with the approximate age th OP provided that ammo was known to cause catastrophic failure in certain guns.

3. Because S&W is not a sleazy car dealership and the have a proven track record of quality customer service and really have more to loose than gain by falsely not honoring their warranty. I believe their lab results to be true and the OP should be able to request a copy.
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