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So the Mountain Dew I usually drink on the way to the range is doing me no favors? Maybe just water next time.
Right you are. We used to make fun of our team coach/captain because he switched to decaff for his thermos and wouldn't smoke or drink a week before a match. 20 years older than us and in better shape, scores showed it. After I got out of active duty and set my sights on the Olympics I did some serious study and thus ended my cigars, my pipe, my coffee and any drink with alcohol or caffeine in it. Now years after I quit serious competition I still can't handle caffeine and don't smoke. Drinking just doesn't interest me anymore. Only vices I have left are Betty Boop cartoons, rootbeer, salty foods, hot salsa and gunpowder. If you check the label you will find good rootbeer has no caffeine so you can always switch to that.
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