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Just wanted to pass along an up-date (yes I know this thread is old...)

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...The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services said Tuesday visitors with guns must park in designated areas and use a separate entrance. The guns must be out of their cases with ammunition removed.

Security officers will continue to examine the guns and secure them with straps. Police will work to prevent sales in parking lots...
The most intersting part to me is that it mentions preventing sales in parking lots...

Also, it seems the Asheville show is doing similar, but is going a step more...

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...Gun sellers will be required to park in a separate lot and enter through separate doors from gun buyers. Sellers will also be screened to make sure guns are unloaded and locked with a zip tie.

The general public will be screened by handheld metal detectors so no one slips in a concealed firearm. But even before that everyone entering the ag center grounds must go through a checkpoint to determine if they have weapons in their car...
This is the first I have heard about gunshow attendee's being screened by metal detectors in the area.
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