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Back in the late 80's when I was still stuck in Crooked County Illinois I nearly fell out of my seat laughing. They had shown a table full of guns that they had confiscated from a so called drug lord. (read small time local pusher). His "Arsenal" included a 22 pistol, a .380 pistol, A revolver, (I am assuming 38 spl.) A pair of pump shotguns, (assuming 12 gauge but who knows) and a machine gun. That is when I fell out of my chair. It was a single shot 22 caliber rifle with a Schuetzen style stock. Considering the rest of the mediocre guns on the table I have to assume it was stolen and the dealer had no idea what he had and neither did the police or the ch 5 WMAQ news station producers in Chicago. This was and still is why I call their crime reporters clowns and their bits on news about guns "comedy hour".
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