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Well, I didn't use the NOE today, I was a little short on time. - not that it takes longer to use a NOE, but I wanted to spin the pins in some 800# paper before I use it.
But I did use the MP 359640 again, and I put the hot plate on 9 (of 10 on the dial) and got it good and hot (left it sitting on it for about 20 minutes), then upped the lead to 8.5 on the dial (I was at 8-1/4 last time) and it went smooth as silk. The ̶b̶̶o̶̶o̶̶l̶̶i̶ bullets wouldn't hardly wait for me to tap the pins free from the blocks. A lot of them just slid out between the pin and the block when I'd open the mold. It was a wonderful experience. Perhaps a combination of extra heat and also the second time the mold had been used (or even heated). I had a pie pan heaped full of shiny, perfectly filled-out projectiles in no time at all.
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