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When I teach classes for women and about half of them fall in the small hands category I suggest two things before they even start shooting seriously. A good pair of hiking boots and lots of miles and a rubber ball or a fitted rubber squeezer, ask any physical therapist for suggestions. They can be anything from rubber balls to tubes to the old fashioned pair of handles attached to a wire spring. I'm built like a gorilla and I have been using them for 50 years.

Watching TV, doing some speed walking, sitting in traffic, reading the paper or cruising the net, it all adds up and hands and forearms will get hard. If I haven't been doing them for awhile I start slow, 5 hard squeezes with each hand and after a few days up it to 7, to 10 to 15 till finally you are able to do 100 with each hand. as long as the grip of the gun fits you you will not be getting shot fatigue after a single magazine.

Glock 19 was mentioned, I have a few family members who never hit that 5' mark but it fits them. Beretta 92 is another. Grip size is not critical for you, reach from the back of the grip to the trigger is. If the gun fits and you are in shape it won't matter if you shoot the 9MM or the 40 cal.

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