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First and foremost: if you are learning to shoot, or are learning to shoot revolvers, do not buy a short barreled revolver! You will not have a positive learning experience. Buy a gun with four inch or longer barrel. I found the S&W 327 TRR8 with five inch barrel to be a very easy gun to shoot. It was even better than my tuned S&W 625. If you can afford to get the 327 TRR8, do so!

The pictured 327 is something to aspire to:

S&W 327 N-Frame with eight round cylinder

Close up of the cylinder

The Ruger SP101 is a terrible design and does just about everything wrong (short crane so ejected cases bind, poor sights, poor grip, too heavy for carry in a standard sized pocket, only five shots). Go with the GP100 if you want a Ruger.

I would not buy a Colt for carry. They are no longer made and you won't get support from the factory. This leaves Ruger, S&W and some miscellaneous manufacturers of double action revolvers.

Of the guns listed, I'd go with either the S&W 686 with 3" barrel or Ruger GP100 (Wiley Clapp version, add a night sight) with 3" barrel. Both are a reasonable compromise for carry and shooting. However, you may have a bit more difficulty mastering it since the barrel is short and you'll see every mistake you make while pulling the trigger.

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