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Great folks, fast shipping

I know this is an old thread, but there didn't seem to be a lot of response from people who've actually dealt with BulkAmmo.

Last week I was looking for some good .223 ammo (you all know how hard it is to find that right now!) and they were the only site that had any of the good stuff for sale (Remington). I was wary of dealing with an internet company I hadn't heard of from friends, but decided to place an order after a bit of thought. Imagine my surprise when three days later my box was at the front door! Their prices aren't bad, and their shipping policy seems to be same-day if possible. None of this 4-8 weeks to process your order like some of the other sites I've dealt with.

They're out of most rifle ammo now, like every other store and website, but they're great people. I've got them bookmarked and I'll use them again.
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