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Both Beretta and Benelli make good solid guns...

Unless you have a lot of experience with shotguns.../ and know specifically what stock dimensions "fit" you ...length of pull, drop at comb, drop at heel - its going to be difficult to decide on how well a gun fits you in a store. The only way to really tell - is when you take it to a pattern board to check the point of impact vs where you look ...and make whatever adjustments you need to make in the comb, etc....

gas guns have less recoil ...Inertia guns shoot cleaner.../ but if you clean your gun after every range or field trip it may not be a big deal one way or the other. Personally, I like the Inertia - Benelli - if you buy it in a synthetic stock and it has the comfort tech recoil supression system in it...then the difference in recoil between them is minimal.

Inertia guns are generally lighter / makes them easier to carry in the field / means you have more recoil for any given shell. Increasing the weight of a shotgun about 1 lb will reduce the recoil about 12% ( all things being equal - same shell - same velocity - same ounces of shot ) a 1lb lighter gun, all things being equal will give you about 12% more recoil...then you have the amount of reduction from the gas system ...vs Inertia system....
I have Benelli Super Sport models in both 12ga and 20ga.....and both guns will cycle 100% reliably with 2 3/4 " shells ...or 3" shells ...( but the length of the shell is irrelevent ! ) ....what matters is the velocity of the shell...not the charge weight - not the length of the shell..../ both of my Benelli's will cycle 100% reliably as long as the shells are loaded to 1200 fps or faster. Neither one of them will cycle loads at 1150 fps reliably ...not if they're 3/4oz, 7/8 oz, 1 oz, or 1 1/8 oz ...the amount of shot does not matter either !! The velocity of the shell is what matters ! If you reload its easy to determine the velocity of your own shells ....if you don't, then look for a shell that says it is a 3 Dram Equivalent shell and it should be fine in any of the Benelli Inertia guns - based on my experience. Now, if you don't keep your gun clean ..and properly lubed...then they may not cycle lighter loads..
As a side note....if you reduce the shot charge in a shell 1/8 oz you go from 1 1/8oz to 1 oz .... or from 1 oz to 7/8 oz will reduce the recoil about 20% ....which is really significant. Most of us these days are looking for ways to reduce the payload in our shells because the cost of shot is increasing all the time / and personally, I'm shooting 3/4 oz loads in 12ga and 20ga ( which is a typical 28ga load )....and my scores have not really changed....but if I was shooting "registered targets" ....I'd probably go back to 1oz loads in a 12ga and 7/8oz loads in my 20ga..../ but my days of shooting registered targets for the most part are long gone....I shoot for fun now..

Buy the gun you like .....ideally the one that "Fits" you the best - so it hits where you look !!

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