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Unclenick, thanks for all the useful information. I was reluctant to buy a Redding body die, but the good ol internet showed me this morning that I could use the Type S die for that purpose.

The shoulder setback trick you showed me is great, and I appreciate it. And the candle brass annealing process (which I had never heard of) is much appreciated.

In order to keep all things equal during the comparison, I used the same 15 cases with each die. I did have some case failures toward the end of the comparison. The cases were not new and unfired, but had been reloaded several times before. Probably would have been better to just use all of the 50 Nosler cases I had, since they were weight sorted, neck turned, etc.

I'm off to the barn workshop to fiddle around with various dies. This has been interesting so far, showing results that were unexpected (to me), and I've got lots yet to do. I am amazed at that Lee Collet Die. Something that inexpensive isn't supposed to work that well.

Thanks for the suggestions.
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