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Those are three great rounds. No bad choices there.

If it was me... I prefer the Bob. Part of that is nostalgia I'm sure since I read a lot of hunting publications when I was growing up. But I've had such good luck reloading it that I keep coming back to it.

And it is much more than the factory ballistics tables. They are almost always too conservative for a modern rifle. When I had my last custom rifle barreled, I had them go ahead and chamber it for .257 Roberts AI. So I can load and shoot any factory ammo. But when I'm reloading I go with the fireformed AI brass. Which can be loaded at factory conservative levels. Or up to what would be a +P in a standard Bob. Or take full advantage and push it to AI levels. Which is about 150 fps faster. In that case, you are talking about a cartridge using a lot less powder and moving up into the 25-06 class. Not quite full 25-06 but close. Less powder, less blast, and longer barrel life.

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