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Agree with your post. Especially this...

I, for one, fully understand that the Constitution forbids ratification or enforcement of any treaty that violates the Constitution, so I am not one of the guys who fears the Blue Helmet takeover. OTOH, I also recognize that the MO of many of our political opponents is to pass laws of extremely questionable Constitutionality, in the expectation that the court process will take a long, long time, and require time and treasure from our side.
The lack of respect for our Constitution this administration has, is now, and seems to be gearing up to show is simply astounding.

Far as an out-n-out 'Blue Helmet' takeover , I don't fear that either. At least not in my lifetime. But instead of fearing an outright murder of our 2nd amendment rights, I do fear a slow, painful cancer of them spearheaded by the anti's that show no boundaries in which this administration is deeply embedded.

Obama said "he would do anything in his power" to accomplish stricter gun control. He didn't beat around the bush, he didn't disguise it, he didn't imply he would be willing to do this with a vote of the people on the issue...he said he would use every power his office has to get the job done. That would seem to leave the door fairly wide open as to what he and this administration is willing to do to achieve their anti-constitutional ways. In short, this administration has shown to have the least regards for the Constitution of any prior administration in my lifetime and would not care to re-write the whole thing to adhere to their own appeasement.

Remembering what Obama said about using every power his office is capable of, why then are discussions about these issues and the way this administration may attempt to implement/enforce their new policies deemed as political or conspiracy theories and closed without discussion?

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