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As a newer member here, and a younger one aswell, I don't particularly think several people would take my 2 cents for what they are but i'll voice them anyway.

You are posting on TFL forums, they have rules, clearly the staff set those rules in place for a reason so the place they created is a certain way.(They are the site's Founding Fathers)

That being said, whining about threads you couldn't start here is pointless and irrelevant. There are probably hundreds of other places you can talk about those specific things. Taking from another site I know, if you join a site, and then complain about how it's run is just downright dumb, learn2internet.

Finally, since the topic of protesting hasn't been shut down yet obviously it's ok to talk about. I once talked to my representative back in CA and they said other than the sometimes "crazy" ones they get, letters written to their offices are usually about only the 1 in 50+ that feel that way, and that letter represents a larger group of people. So as long as your representative isn't corrupt then your letter IS important, also be encouraged to stand up and peaceably protest any matter you can at any level you can.
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