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The "I don't want to/don't have to talk to cops" attitude is not borne out of common sense. It's borne out of wanting to confront authority. Those cops ARE authority.
Oh I agree with you, on one regard, because what some consider common sense is not so sensical to a lot of people (i.e. common sense gun laws; your position regarding this subject; etc). What you think is common sense won't always get you out of trouble, and in many cases will get you in trouble. Do you believe that all people who excersize their 5A rights do so to be confrontational? Those cops are only the authority to uphold THE law, not thier law.

Gang banger looking guy walks by wearing an open carry pistol.
Did you ever see something like that? Anyways, what if he wasn't dressed like a gang banger (whatever that is supposed to look like these days, high school students?)? What if he/she is nicely dressed in casual/comfortable summer attire, and is open carrying? Would you still call the cops? In neither scenario is anyone obviously breaking the law if open carry is legal. The cops have no law to uphold here. Perhaps the clothes scare you more than the gun? Tend to profile, do you? When you/someone calls the police, even in this ridiculous scenario, the proper response from the cop/dispatcher is "Carrying a holstered gun and being dressed funny aren't crimes here."
Liberty and freedom often offends those who understand neither.

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