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Range Report- CTK Precision UBC1 Universal Brass Catcher

Range Report- CTK Precision UBC1 Universal Brass Catcher

I bought two of these for myself & son.
Son shoots semiauto rifles, bolt & lever action stuff.
Me I shoot ( poorly ) mostly handguns.

The catcher is basically a large "fishnet" with a base and a plastic tube to hold the net open.
I filled the bases with Copper plated BB's for weight. It took a $9 large can from walmart to fill both. I further modified by pre-drilling 4 small holes at the 'ends' of the bases, and screwed sheet metal screws to further secure the plastic end caps. I had a vision of a plastic end cap coming loose and 1 million BBs everywhere. ( overkill I know, BUT ) I also heated up the plastic tube ends , so they fitt easier on the the mounting studs.
Shooting from the bench at a fixed spot the CTK works very well. Son got most his brass in the net.
I shot from the bench with my pistols, and after moving to "just the right spot" nearly got all my brass in the net.
I like to shoot standing, so next I will try to attach the base to a tripod, so it will be higher and match my stance.
Next time. overall "It Works"

The strays were picked up with the previously reviewed BRASS WIZARD.
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