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Everything changes depending on the current training or fad; grip - stance - sling shot vs over the top vs slide release... What we have been doing is using a good solid stance, like a fighter's stance, that you can use to shoot a handgun, rifle, shotgun or use defensive tactics. Basically more isosceles then weaver. Much of this came out of active shooter training where you have to move in formation through a school with either firearm. We have gotten away from bladed or weaver. Basically square yourself to the target, drop your strong side foot back a half a step and bring the firearm up to your line of sight. Try doing this with your eyes closed and see if your natural point of aim remains constant, if not adjust your stance. Also adjust your stance if you have arm fatigue. Guys that were sticking with the weaver stance had allot of trouble moving in formation with the gun up, it's just not natural. It's nice having one stance for all types of shooting that allows you to lean out from cover, move in any direction and go hands on if necessary.
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