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I would not put a lot of stock in MSNBC's "documentary" on this issue. Or any other for that matter. Does anyone remember NBC putting explosive charges on Chevrolet pickups to show that their gas tanks would explode?
Talk about shooting the messenger! MSNBC consulted various firearms experts and did not conduct their own tests. They reported numerous lawsuits lost by Rem and settlements paid by Rem because of the triggers. MSNBC isn't the problem with the rifle.

Given the number of court cases lost and latter suits Rem just settled out of court instead of choosing to fight (and usually lose), the problem is real.

Note that the suits stem from injured and don't take into account all the non-injury incidents.

Can you otherwise document that MSNBC did wrong in the report or that anything that they reported was not actually true? Walker himself talked about problems with the trigger he designed that is at the crux of the problem. The court cases can be verified. So what in the report was fabricated as you imply?

And NO, NBC did not put "explosive charges" in the trucks. Results were rigged with model rocket engines, not explosives.
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