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My only suggestion is that you not exclude revolvers from your testing to see what suits you. Smith J-frames. Ruger SP101, some of the Charters. They are easy to carry and extremely reliable, can be fired more than once from inside a pocket if necessary, won't go out of battery if jammed against an attacker, don't have magazines to drop, etc. Good semi-autos are also highly reliable, but don't offer those particular advantages for concealed carry. The trade-off is capacity and in some cases slightly greater ease of concealment; however, most defensive shootings are very brief, at close to point-blank range, and involve the firing of only a few rounds.

But as everyone is going to tell you, try some guns and see what works for you so you'll pick a piece you'll carry all the time. Pistol or revolver, it's little use in your skivvies drawer.
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