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Yes, your are right, updates to current, not new. But the point being that the media took hold, had it on the news and then it was passed relatively quickly.

I can't find the link, it is gone.

Yes, and I agree about the tragic H. Pendleton shooting. Now that the truth in that it was a felon on parole, they cannot blame responsible citizens who own and register guns.

It is the same story over and over. The laws on the books are for citizens, not the animals that ignore all laws and do what they want. That has been the problem on the (mostly) south side since forever.

The City of Chicago has a handgun registration requirement, but according to a recent study by the University of Chicago Crime Lab, the majority of illegal handguns arrive in Chicago from elsewhere in the state. From 2005-2010, 56 percent of short-time-to-crime guns recovered at Chicago crime scenes were traced back to sources within the State of Illinois, but outside of Chicago.
All these laws against 2A but nothing that ever or will ever work.

But, thanks, I have not seen anything really new on the present discussion on the upcoming Concealed Carry.
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