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Don't buy any Japanese-made automobiles; they have been PROVEN to have been involved in numerous accidents, through no fault of the operators! Many lawsuits bare this to be true. Even more owners will come forth and swear to it, if you publish a Class Action Lawsuit, with the promise of financial compensation for pain, suffering, and loss of income!

As has been said over and over and over, it is the operator's responsibility to properly maintain and operate ALL mechanical devices. When this is done to the best of your ability (and yes, you are responsible for receiving the appropriate level of training in maint. & operation), the tool or implement is, after all, just a mechanical tool. You alone are responsible for it's performance.

I've owned about two dozen 700s over the last 40 years, and at least three of them have seen thousands of rounds fired from each. The only negligent discharge I can recall was caused by my misplaced, cold, and shivering trigger-finger. Mia culpa.
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