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If you care to be the adversary and treat the cop like he has no business asking you to simply demonstrate that you're not a bad guy, then you're highly suspect.

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While I respect this train of thought, it has complications in practice.
I don't see a complication in the least. I see someone (the citizen with an attitude) wanting to test the limits of common sense.

Turn the situation around. You're a homeowner, mowing your lawn. Gang banger looking guy walks by wearing an open carry pistol. You (or someone) calls the cops because you're genuinely concerned. Cop arrives, tries to simply ascertain who the guy is and what he's doing in YOUR neighborhood. Instead of the guy simply saying "I'm walking home, I live at 123 Olive St, you may examine my firearm if you wish", the guy gets loud and in the face of or quiet and non-compliant to the cop. "I don't have to answer your questions" or similar.

The "I don't want to/don't have to talk to cops" attitude is not borne out of common sense. It's borne out of wanting to confront authority. Those cops ARE authority. You and I put them in that position. To bear a grudge against cops, refuse to talk to them, suspect them of being "out to get you" is not productive, not reasonable, not a good example of what a calm thinking, intelligent, adult gun owner should demonstrate.

"Oh those crazed gun owners and their high capacity clips and their black, assault guns! They're always wanting to argue with the police. I saw it on my street yesterday!"

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