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I've owned at least seven different model 700's, love how they look and how well they shoot---none of the ones I've had demonstrated this trigger or safety problem--the one I have now, the one I'll keep, a brown laminate in 06will not accidentally drop the firing pin when disengaging the safety or cycling the action--- I bought this gun new about 7 or 8 months ago--the 700 is really a great rifle, well made, usually very accurate and this problem they had with the trigger group sounds like it has been rectified with the newer design: do this--before filling out the paperwork to take possesion of a new 700, cycle the action a number of times, switch the safety on and off, rifle pointed at the floor and empty of course---if the firing pin drops for any reason and the trigger has not been touched, don't buy it----how simple is that ?? not saying Remington is perfect, but as an avid 700 owner, it seems that with the amount of 700's sold, the percentage that have had this problem would seem very small---not saying this problem doesn't exist, just saying every 700 I've owned has been totally dependable mechanically----
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