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A good gunsmith can insepect your wifes rifle and give you an opinion on the safety of the trigger system.

He could also show you how to test your rifle and how to look through the sight hole on the side of the trigger to witness sear engagement and if the triggger spring has been backed off to much by improper adjustment. This is where this issue of firing when the safe is pushed forward comes from. People back off on the wrong screw, they take all the spring preload off the trigger while checking the trigger with a tension gage. When they reach a desired force they call it adjusted. What they failed to do was think about how this trigger works. When the safety if applied it lifts the sear off the trigger which now has zero spring pressure to hold it in place. When the safety is pushed forward the trigger moves out of the way.......because that's what they adjusted it to do.

If it's adjusted as it should be and the springs are ok, it will be safe. IMHO

I just took a remington SPS trigger off and replaced it with a Timney trigger. The remington trigger was totally safe. In fact it was about 8lbs with at least 1/16 inch sear engagement. I believe you could toss that rifle off a 10 story building loaded with the safety off and it would not fire.

It's common for remington triggers to be adjusted. I also think it's common for them to be adjusted in an unsafe manner.
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