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My brother was a career SWAT cop in a large southern city. At the same time I was career military, and we used to compare notes quite a bit.

I have no issue with cops intimidating bad guys. Use of "command voice" or even pointing a weapon at a miscreant can serve that purpose. It makes little difference to me if they play dress-up with combat utilities and state-of-the-art weaponry if it helps them to achieve that aim, and improves their chances of coming home at the end of their shifts. If they want to get a really scary rubber vampire mask to frighten bad guys into quitting I guess that would be OK too.

At the same time I did have to jerk my brother's chain a bit when I found out his team had been practicing SPIE (special purpose insertion & extraction) rigging at a military base. (This is guys in a harness dangling on a line below a helicopter so that they can be inserted in a restricted area like a ridge line or some other place too tight for a helicopter to land. Think Peter Pan zipping overt the tree tops). I mean, why? I suspect it was just adventure training for them, and probably didn't cost their department much if the Army was footing the bill for the helo.

We're gonna be in trouble if the average cop on the corner is in full combat gear 24/7, as in other nations. Otherwise, let them use what they really feel they need when the time calls for it.
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