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JohnKSa, seriously? I've been around the forum for years; when have you known me to be part of the tinfoil-hat club? If I didn't think you were simply making a general point, I might be offended.

I was referring more to pointed posts from Mods, during the election cycle, when some of us pointed out that a lame-duck Obama was likely to prove very dangerous in terms of Executive Orders, bully pulpit leadership of Congress, executive branch and judicial appointments, and manipulation of the media. After all, he has nothing, personally, to lose in a political sense.

He's tried to appoint an extreme anti to head up ATF; he's trying to pressure medical and mental health care professionals to violate patient confidentiality as we have understood it; he and his organization are actively encouraging the shenanigans we have seen and will see in NY, CA, MA, NJ, CO, MN, etc....

This was all a very likely trend, as many of us saw it, but those of us who made those points were either pooh-pooh'ed or locked by the Mods.

I, for one, fully understand that the Constitution forbids ratification or enforcement of any treaty that violates the Constitution, so I am not one of the guys who fears the Blue Helmet takeover. OTOH, I also recognize that the MO of many of our political opponents is to pass laws of extremely questionable Constitutionality, in the expectation that the court process will take a long, long time, and require time and treasure from our side.

See, New York SAFE Act; see, also, Chicago's dragged-out responses post-MacDonald.

I understand the mods not wanting to have threads turn into Republican vs Democrat threads (though I personally have no use for either party, and am a Libertarian); nor Conservative vs Liberal. However, the extreme tendency to muffle or lock threads that are remotely political is, in my opinion, very counter-productive at times.
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