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Re: Colorado Gun Owners - Don't Surrender!

Originally Posted by NJgunowner View Post
I always find the "just move" argument amusing. Pack up your family, your life, your business, and start over! Sounds great, in theory. In reality it just isn't that easy for most people. Not to mention these jokers tend to follow us around and get their brand of stupid voted in. For most people FIGHTING to take their rights back makes a lot more sense than moving to a new state that may have the same problem 5 or 10 years down the road.
Its as amusing as to you as the boycots are to me. If you wanna fight politics, you will lose everytime. Its rigged, a state that always get voted dem by a large majority makes no sense in voting, it does nothing but waste several hours of your time to get defeated! Boycots are the same, the BwW boycot was my favorite, just because they dont allow guns, the food is good and the atmosphere is pretty neat too, its a nice sports bar and im not gonna join yall just because.. and clearly that boycot hasnt hurt them one bit just like the buycott for starbucks hasnt helped them at all either, ITS A JOKE!!

Move or deal with it, but it wont change anytime in our lifetimes so quit crying about it and enhance the remaining life you have for the better... You can move if you really want to, but that would mean youd actually have to think outside the box.
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