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antigunners in South Africa

Seems like the debacle about the tragic death of a South African athlete's girlfriend , is turning into an "anti-gunners" debate , as I expected .
Now we must here and read about irrelevant things such as , his pending firearm licenses , a declined firearm license that has been approved after appeal , his passion for firearms , a shot that accidentally went off in a restaurant , his visits to the shooting range when he couldn't sleep etc. etc. Its like some people’s attention is now just on firearms . I have noticed comments of well known people such as singers an DJs , about firearms and the firearm law in South Africa . One particular DJ on a well known radio station commented Yesterday morning that all these guns are just too much and he is considering getting rid of his own gun . One particular singer asked the question , about how the athlete managed to license a handgun as well as a "machine-gun" (as he called it) and I am sure that he made this comment without even reading one page of the firearms control act .
It is very sad that people get such cheap sensation from this tragedy and it leaves me questioning people’s mentality .
I suppose "anti-gunners" will always use such incidents to point fingers to gun owners and the firearm control act .

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