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TN passes PRO gun bill

Originally Posted by overhead View Post
"But lets just say you own a business that has experienced some thefts and wish to search all vehicles at the end of a shift in an attempt to find the culprit(s)..."

I do not believe I have a right to search my employees vehicles or person. I only have the ability to ask them to leave or to fire them. If we are arguing that an employees car is their personal property and I may not regulate what they keep in it at my place of business how in the world could we ever justify me searching said property?
Clearly the new TN law gives an employee the right to keep a gun in the car. I'm not sure if TN or VA law give you, as the employer the right to search the employees car. I'm pretty sure SC law does not. I'll guarantee you it doesn't give you the right to search my car without a badge and a warrant.

As far as keeping a gun in the car goes, this was common practice at nuclear power plants back in the 80s. Security was beginning to tighten up after Congress passed some more laws - can they ever quit - and drivers would show up at he hates with a gun in the tractor, but instead of being allowed to check it at the gate they were supposed to "not have it" somehow. Go figure. One day it was ok for a revolver to sit in the security supervisor's desk drawer while a guy dropped a rig, the next day it was a potential terrorist act.

Anyway, since I was responsible for receiving a whole bunch of trucks, a whole bunch of revolvers and pistols spent time in the trunk of my car.

I can tell you there was a lot of gun trading done in that parking lot too. All totaled I worked at seven nuclear plants during the construction heyday, and I never saw a single gun behave badly. And you can bet that the craft laborers working premium overtime had plenty of money to spend on toys, and nice guns were a popular toy. In the trunk!
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