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I measured at the edge of the crimp right on the rim. I'M TH[I]NK[I]NG THAT 3
#1 I have tight chambers, #2 My Remington shells are crimped oversize, #3 that when I get the chambers sparkling clean, polish with steel wool and fire these shells, that they'll come out like normal.
My Stoger has 3" chambers though I doubt I'll ever fire one. I bought the gun for low recoil due to a bad sholder.
Last, the gun closes like normal with these shells though they extract fully, you still have to grab the rims with an old shell to extract them fully. Note: these are losded shells, unloades should come out normally I hope!
HE-He maybe this is a true "Uplander" chmbered for low bse #7 1/2's (LOL)!
Never had any problems like this with a 12ga SxS...
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