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Ok we had a day at the range,it was cold and wet.He first shot a few useing the 180gn smk,and found a load for that bullet.Next we moved on to the 180gn E-tip.The first five had 42gn of 4064 and the Over all length came in at 2.970.( .005 of the lands ) Have to say this load gave the best accuracy,the 3 shot group came in at just over 3/4" at 100 yards.Now my guess load with R17 ( 46gn ) same over all length did not give any kind of accuracy at all.Even getting 50 or so more fps with the R17 just didn't work,I would have bet the extra fps would have done the best.Just goes to show you cannot win them all.( at guessing ) So the next time out we'll try a lot of five with the same load,just to see if the load opens up any at all.

I'll even add that I did not clean the bore any,and I know that he had around 60 plus rounds down the bore from the last time out.So I will go on to say that the E-tip from what little I still know about them,somewhat does not need to have a clean bore to be shot accurately.As of today his rifle now has a round count of 150 down the bore.BUT I did run two wet patcks down the bore today to clean it up a little for the next time out.

I'll post again when I know more.
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