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Anybody got any idea the % of gun owners who won't tell some stranger who calls them on the phone that they own a gun?
There might be a 'dynamic' at play here. (I'd say paradigm shift but I can't spell paradigm.)

A long time ago when I was a young person if you were ever polled you felt kind of special. If someone asked you a question you tried to give them an honest answer.

In the last few elections we get 'polled' so often it's become an irritation instead of an honor and a lot of people I know just mess the the folk doing the polling for sport.

In 2012 one of my friends when asked how he was going to vote always answered 'Well now that would just spoil the surprise wouldn't it?' One of my wife's friends always answered in a vary serious tone that she was going to vote for the incumbent Bush. When she was told that Bush was not the president she said scornfully she knew 'that Bush' wasn't the president, the other one was. She got some pollsters hanging up on her.
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