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The one I miss the most is an Underwood M1 carbine. I had two stocks, the regular wood stock and a paratrooper folding stock. Also had the bayonet and sling and oiler. I had magazines from 5 to 60 rounds. I bought it from a lieutenant on the Lexington, KY police force. He had bought it through the DCM. He said that it appeared to have never been fired when he got it. He fired it once.....through his living room floor. After that his wife insisted that he get rid of it. From him I got a bunch of 15 round mags and several 30's. He had taken the springs out of two 30's and welded them back to back, then reassembled them to make a 60 (flip it over). After I got it I ordered two five round mags from a commercial source. I have read that M1 carbines aren't particularly accurate. This one was. I once picked off a crow at 90 yards with it. Slid the sight to the second notch and hit the crow exactly where I aimed.

This was about 40 years ago. I was young and foolish and needed money and sold it.
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