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I didn't but kindda wish I had a little more before. I have 16 .22LR... not boxes, but individual shells. Today on the radio they said Homeland Security is buying up all the ammo... including .22.
But even for reloading it is costing a bunch and HARD to find anything. I now have enough of everything to last a long time but it's not against me to run out and fire off a couple hundred rounds playing. But I'm retired with sometimes too much time on my hands.
The worse part... my .223 is my coyote rifle (mini-14) and that's the hardest to find. I can do about 3000 rounds now and my friends are all giving me this "please may I" look.
But I agree... the guy just wanting to go shoot for a while is getting hurt the worse. .40 S&W was going for $850 per 1000 at the gun show. The line was 3 hours long and they ran out half way through. That is pure greed at it's highest, but supply and demand is ruling. I have to drive 180 miles round and spent about 6 hours chasing down enough components to load even. I bought molds to build bullets even and going to start raking at the range. Don't know how the working guy is gonna do it.
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