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Originally Posted by F. Guffey
The Remington 700 HAS A RECOIL LUG, MEASUREMENTS MUST BE TAKEN WITH THE RECOIL LUG INSTALLED. Or the lug thickness can be measured and then subtracted from other measurements etc..when installing the barrel to the receiver the lug must be held in place.

The difference in the two measurements, from the front receiver ring and bolt face and from the protruding case head down the the barrel (to receiver) seating surface determines the length of the chamber from the shoulder of the chamber back to the bolt face.

Originally Posted by HiBC
Mr. Guffey,I do agree with you about depth mic'ing from the receiver ring to the bolt face..
OP,make a drawing,then you won't get confused.
Receiver ring to bolt face,add recoil lug thinness.

Did you guys even look at the .PDF file I posted above?
The whole purpose is to log all the dimensions and then determine what the mating dimensions need to be after you account for the clearances you want at the front of the bolt lugs and the bolt nose.


AR51Barrels, No, I didn’t, I did leave out the part where I say I measure the length of a chamber three different ways, two of those methods do not include a head space gage, with a head space gage the number goes to 4. I measure the length of short chambers in thousandths (.000), then there is the M1917, I measure the length of the 30/06 chamber with a 280 Remington case. Go-gage, I convert go-gages to go-to infinity gages.

Infinity or a more practical .011” longer than a go-gage length chamber.

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