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I watched them both. They were very very bland.
In the past, I've learned a lot from PBS/Frontline on various topics.
But not from these two shows...

They were light on details and heavy on camera angles.

The first, attempting to show the evolution of America's gun culture and laws, was a mish-mash of small historical anecdotes that came off to me as poorly researched and hastily put together... It didn't have a handle on the material at all.

The second, attempting to give insight into Adam Lanza and his Mom brought a few things to light by following a couple of mediocre newspaper reporters around as they interviewed some people who had contact with them. But it reminded me of the old "where's the beef?" commercials. I felt like I got to know the mediocre reporters quite well but the paucity of actual facts and details about the events was disappointing.

It seemed mostly about "moods"... Very little substance.

To me, reporting in general in this country ain't what it used to be.

Both shows felt lazy... lackadaisical... with the emphasis on lack.

The San Francisco Chronical calls the AFTER NEWTOWN show "riveting"... whatever...

Tomorrow night is MIND OF A RAMPAGE KILLER.

My expectations are low.
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