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I will second or third the thought that S&W has done the right thing with their offer. You cant expect them to handle the complaint any other way at this point.

I will postulate IMHO that picture number 3 from the OP shows at least three different head stamps and one round that appears to have been fired previously.

Counting from the upper left most round, to the right then down to the left again, I see:

Round 5 appears to have extractor marks at the 5 o'clock position;
Rounds 5, 7 and 8 have larger font on the stamp 'F C' than the others, along with the previously mentioned 'FEDERAL' stamp in the lower right.

I suspect reloaded ammo is possible in this instance, if that is the case, I suspect that Federal may be able to determine this with disassembly of the rounds and an analysis of the powder - regardless of the volume. Not saying the OP had anything to do with the rounds, as he may have simply purchased reloads unknowingly.

Best of luck in pursuing this with Federal.
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