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It's a 4 cav and I'm wondering if there is even any use in me trying it with my ladle casting technique, or just keep it mothballed until I can afford one of those new Lyman Mag 25's or some other PID controlled bottom pour?-Beagle333

FWIW I use a Lee bottom pour and 6 cav Lee/RDO moulds. With the 30 and 32 cal moulds I keep the lead hot and the mould moving once I get it up to temp. Faster I go the better the bullets turn out. Bigger bullets like 35 cal are more my speed and the 45 cal moulds need a damp sock nearby to bring the temps down. I use a thermometer but no pid; low-tech redneck and proud of it.
I only ladle pour the big 1-2 cav BPCR and 45 Colt bullets, for some reason they appreciate the extra effort, can't get them to get along with the bottom pour furnace.
Short answer; go for it, adjust your rhythm and pour temp until your mould gets happy. If it doesn't work step up to a bottom pour.
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