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Fill in the blanks...
  1. The pistol commonly known as the "Luger" was actually called the _______________ by its original manufacturer. The Luger name is actually a trademark owned by American importer ________________.
  2. The Luger is an improved version of the ____________________ pistol, which has an operating mechanism roughly based on the ___________________ machine gun.
  3. The first major country to adopt the Luger as a standard-issue military sidearm was ______________________. This country later replaced it with the _______________________.
  4. The pistol adopted by the German military as the P.38 was based on a design originally offered on the commercial market as the ________________.
  5. The S&W Model 39 was designed under the presumption that the ____________________ intended to replace the __________________ with a 9mm DA/SA pistol. The ________________________ was designed around the same set of requirements, although it was not DA/SA.
  6. The last Smith & Wesson handgun to be adopted by the U.S. Army in large numbers for widespread front-line use by regular troops was the __________________________. The U.S. Army supplanted and later replaced it with the ________________________, but S&W was able to maintain production by selling its firearm to the militaries of _______________ and _______________.
  7. The Beretta 92 is basically a double-stack DA/SA version of the Beretta ____________.
  8. The SIG P238 is a close copy of the ___________________________, which is in turn a close copy of the ___________________________.
  9. The first polymer-frame, striker-fired, double-stack 9mm autoloading pistol on the American market was the _______________________.
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