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I OC maybe 50% of the time. Grocery store or restaurant - no. Walking the dog, hiking - yes. I guess I kind of look at it like - If I were a black belt in karate, I wouldn't wear my Gi and belt everywhere I went. In bigger picture mode, I'm in favor of bad guys never really knowing WHO might be armed. Might be that old guy with the moustache, might be that young soccer mom with kids in tow, might be both the husband and wife going to Costco for the free samples. And of course, I'm in Arizona. In some places, guns in the open are not well tolerated.

As far as group demonstrations, I definitely do NOT participate in any of those, gun related or otherwise. Big crowds with an agenda are not what I consider a safe place to be. Even if that doesn't get out of hand, there's always a bunch of 'other' agenda participants - the John 3:16 guys, the abortion/stem cell/federal budget/impeach the pope/you name the topic, guys.

As far as LEOs go, they aren't out to "get you" if you're law abiding. LEOs would LOVE to catch crooks all day long. But they spend most of their shifts keeping the peace between domestic disputes, neighbors with loud stereos and cars, and occasionally people who see "a guy with a gun". Their job is to go find that guy with the gun, verify that he's not a gangster, then go back to that original complainant and explain how they've interviewed you and they're convinced you're safe, not a crook. If you care to be the adversary and treat the cop like he has no business asking you to simply demonstrate that you're not a bad guy, then you're highly suspect. You don't set a very good example as a law abiding gun toting citizen. When those anti-gun people see you arguing with the cop, they naturally think "See, those gun nuts will even argue with the cops". That doesn't help a thing. What do you think the cop can/will tell the complainant if all you want to do is fight?

Relax. Demonstrate to the cop's satisfaction that you're the RIGHT kind of person to be carrying a gun. Then let him get back to work keeping the Jones' marrige together.

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