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The principal and the school psychologist at Sandy Hook Elementary School "confronted" the shooter. Hardly even slowed him down, and they both died. Teacher Victoria Soto didn't "confront" him, she chose to try to shelter her students. Didn't matter -- she was killed, too.

I find myself becoming very angry when I read "advice" such as this being shoveled out to the masses through the media. It really is a conspiracy. And it's shameful that so many people actually pay attention to it. What sane person would see anything to be gained by having an unarmed teacher (many of whom are women, and many of whom are of smaller stature and/or not in peak physical condition) try to "confront" an active shooter?

Yes, we learned a lot from 9/11 and Todd Beamer, but they (USA Today) forgot to mention that Todd and everyone else on that flight died. They prevented the plane from hitting its intended target, but the passengers are just as dead.

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