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I use a little bit different sight setup, but the same 77/80 gr SMK's. I have a custom 1/4 min on my service rifle built by the AMU and my 200 yd zero is set up at one full rotation of the elevation dial + 5 clicks (or 7.25 min from the bottom). I bottom the sight and make witness marks on the dial, make a full rotation up and another 5 clicks to my 200 yd zero. I add +2 clicks (1/2 min) for sitting at 200. For 300 I add another 8 clicks (2 min) from my sitting . At 600 I dial in 3 rotations + 5 clicks or an additional 10.25 minutes from my 300 yd zero. This sight has rediculous consistency, repeatabiliy and elevation range.

Basically I dial in my zero's by starting at 1+5, then move to 1+7, 1+15 and then 3+8. Might sound complicated at first, but it is actually super simple, easy and fast to check prior to the stage. I always try to recheck zero's the day before or day of match as they fluctuate slightly depending on conditions. If I can't check my zero I trust my settings and experiences as documented by my day book and make corrections.
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