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Pulse Rate and Shooting Acuracy

I have a very low pulse rate and have been checked over and over by my heart doctor to include stress test and a heart catherization. I am speaking of a pulse of around 65 at my age of 66. My low pulse seemed to of concerned the doctor until the catherization test. He attributes it to my atheletic younger life which included football, track and Officer Candidate School.

It is probably not anything to brag about but I did rate expert in both rifle and pistol marksmanship in the military when I was in my 20's.

I do think my marksmanship has suffered due to eyesight and age, but I wonder if a lower pulse rate might makes for a better shooter. I have read where snipers actually attempting to fire between heart beats.

I am not a great shot by any means, but I do wonder if it helps to have a lower pulse rate. Just how much can your normal pulse rate affect shooting accuracy if any?
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