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Close Call

Several years ago, I decided to stop at a Walmart around 9:00 pm. I had not been planning on stopping, so my Sig was in an IWB holster in the pocket of the car door. I loosed my belt and slid the holster and gun into the 5:00 position and headed into Walmart. I realized as I walked through the front doors that I had missed the clip on the back of my shorts, and my gun was starting to slip! The front bathrooms looked busy, so I headed for the back bathroom, walking very gingerly to keep the gun from falling down before I reached the safety of the bathroom. But when I got to the back, the bathroom was closed for cleaning!
I turned and CAREFULLY made my way toward the front of the store, holding my hip. In the middle of the clothing section, the gun slipped from my waist and dropped into the back of my shorts! I had three choices. First, walk to the front of the store with my shorts dropping like I had dropped a full load. Second, twist around and grab the back of my shorts to hold my gun and walk to the front of the store, looking like I had stolen an iPod or something. Third, loosen my belt and reach down the back of my shorts to get my gun and hope some parent didn't call 9-1-1 to report a man doing indecent things in the store!
I carefully slid over to a rack of clothes and pushed it beside a shelf, blocking two sides. Looking around carefully, I loosened my belt. Then, making SURE no one was around, I reached down the back of my pants and pulled the gun up and slid it over my shorts. Then I tightened my belt and went about my business.
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