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Do not confuse the full power 125 Grain magnum with some of the mid range 125's. The 110 Grain 357 magnum does not achieve the velocity of the 125 grain as a result the 115 +P+ 9mm was usually a better performer.

The old tech full power 125's worked just fine. Not all bullets are constructed equally. For a couple of years the Border Patrol issued 110 grain Remington 357 magnums. We had a couple of shootings and the worked well in close range frontal shots, fragmenting totally but instantly stopping the fight. An LAPD officer was shot with a 110 grain Winchester 357 mag which over penetrated and stayed together due to the thicker jacket on the bullet.

Using a full power load with the 357 I believe 140 is the magic number. I carried 145 STHP the entire time I carried a wheelgun on duty.
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