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A lot of it must be regional. The LGSs that I tend to go to both have EBRs on the shelf, a fair amount, and they've been there. The one even had one of those incredibly clunky looking Kriss things. Up close I'd have to say no thanks to that.

Both have Magpul mags that have been there a while, the one has a number of other brands. Today my favorite even had stripped lowers, at $149 a pop, but that's what they were going for prior to The Madness. There was actually a stack of LPKs, but for some reason they had the insane price of $130.

The one even had 100rnd boxes of .223, for the incredible value of $65! Their words.

The one thing that is still not to be found ANYwhere I've looked are Ruger 10/22s, or .22 ammo in any quantity what-so-ever. THAT I don't get.
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