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I backordered Glock mags knowing it would take awhile, got them in a month and was happy.

Backordered some 22lr and called after the expected 4+ weeks when the website stated they were shipping orders after my order date. A lady told me "it just came in" and I would get the tracking number "today". A week later I got the same story, "it just came in" and was shipping "today". I told her I would rather hear the truth than get "shined on", as I knew they were doing their best
and did not want to bother them daily as I knew they were doing their response to that.

They seem to be a decent company coping with a difficult situation. I am sure my ammo will arrive, I just would rather hear the truth, ie. they do not know when. I likely will not call targetsportsusa again soon as I don't want to alienate them and get my order canceled, the price was very decent for the times and free shipping for bulk.

FWIW I also backordered from Brownells some 22lr as everyones prices were skyrocketing and they allowed backordering Blazer at the old price. I called them today and the lady looked into an ETA and came back that frankly the backorder was put in late last year and they had no idea when to expect it. I thanked her for her honesty and confirmed my price point was locked in, she said yes but they were no longer taking further backorders for that ammo.

Sign of the times.

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