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USA Today Article 2/19/13 - Teachers Should Confront Intruder

So in this mornings edition of USA Today there is a story on Law Enforcement now recommending that teachers confront intruders instead of running or being the victims. In the byline it mentions do so without guns in the school of course. It instructs the teachers to react as violently as possible, including throwing things at the intruder. One LEO states that "We learned from flight 93 that crashed in Pennsylvania on 9/11 that sometimes you have to fight for your life"

Maybe its just me but if I am a teacher I am thinking to myself, "Ok, now I have to confront the armed intruder with by bare hands because the politically correct in this world have deemed I get no armed guard for my school or a weapon of my own." Haven't I now been reduced to cannon fodder for the mentally ill?

If fighting for my life or that of my students is now the recommended course of action, quit being an idiot and give me some lead to throw at my attacker at 1000 ft/sec.
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