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Yes, it is common to see some differences in different brands of shotshells...especially the cheap shells like Estate, etc.. ( Estates are the cheap version of Federal shotshells )......and you will even see some differnences in the different brands of Remington shotshells ..between their econo line of shells - Gun Club..vs STS or STS Nitro shells...

Remember - shotshells are measured in terms of length after they are please don't make the mistake of shoving a 3" unfired shell into a gun that only has a 2 3/4" chamber ..( and while it will fit - unfired ) ...its it not safe to shoot a 3" shell in a 2 3/4" chamber...( and before you laugh - I see guys say it often, when they're talking about chambers in older guns that aren't marked...."oh, just drop a shell in, and see if it fits ??? "... No, No, No...

Its possible the chambers on your gun are a little tighter than optimum...but
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