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Well, I've used all the resizing dies and shot up all the reloads. I think I learned something, but the big thing was that what I learned from this exercise is that it isn't over. There was no clear winner of the comparison. The smallest group size was actually the standard Redding FL sizing die. The 15 rounds went into a round group that measured about 1 inch center to center of the widest spaced bullet holes. The worst group was from the standard Redding Neck Sizing die. I didn't measure it. The most disappointing group was from the Redding Type S FL bushing type sizing die. I didn't measure it. The most interesting group was from the Lee Collet die. Of the 15 rounds, 9 went into one big hole. The other 6 were spaced out around the big ragged hole. So the full group was bigger than the smallest group of the day (Redding FL Die), but the Lee Collet die let me put 9 bullets in one hole. That's mighty interesting and I've got to try that die some more. And I've got to try that Redding FL bushing die again. Maybe there's a learning curve, and so far maybe I haven't learned diddly about that die. Looked pretty simple. Instructions were clear.

Another thing that I learned is that the Ruger Hawkeye barrel doesn't foul badly at all from 16 bullets (15 and a fouler). Real easy to clean with Butch's.

If further reloading/shooting with these dies gains me any more worthwhile insight, I'll pass the info on. I'm going to focus on the Lee Collet and the Redding Bushing die. And maybe my shooting technique needs some polishing.
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